And There a Bronze Nail Stopped the Gush of Blood and Sent It Bubbling Back Inside, 2016, digital c-type print on aluminum, bronze cast mangrove leaf, zip-tie, aluminum and zinc anode, diffuser, anise essential oil, Ikea table. Solo exhibition at Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton, AB. 

Brasília, 2015, HD video, 6'17", loop, no sound. Monitors, custom shag rugs, vinyl text. Solo exhibition at Untitled Art Society, Calgary.

Coulee Scan, 2015, HD video 6' 04", loop, sound. Site-specific laser light installation at Drumheller, AB. HD video projection part of Future Station: 2015 Alberta Biennial, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton. 

Heathers, 2014, X-ray apron hanger, cayenne capsule, custom tailored Nomex IIIA ponchos, aluminum clipboard, down feathers, aluminium sign. Comfortably Warm exhibition part of Glasgow International Festival 2014.

Chris, 2013, custom embroidered lycra car cover, nondescript car, variable dimensions. Part of Glasgow Masters Series 2013 group exhibition Cave, Underground Car Park, Fleming House, Glasgow.